Are you an Everyday Athlete?

Posted: January 16th, 2018
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You don't have to be a gym junkie, you don't have to want huge bulging muscles or take gym selfies #gymselfie #fit #newme. You don't even have to like working out! 

Whether we like it or not we are all everyday athletes. We carry in the shopping from the car, walk up steps, lift bags, play with our children, reach for something on the top shelf, walk to the bus or train..... these are all functions of athletic activity. 

In 2018 we know that doing exercise is good for us but filing through the endless information on the Internet "look great, buy our product and get great results", use our app and you'll never be healthier, track your steps using our GPS - click here to to buy....... how can you be sure if it works, if its right for you or if your just pouring more money down the toilet on another fad.... How many of you right now have an ab roller or fit ball in your house collecting dust that promised you a six pack! 

When Phil Knight started his journey to create the biggest footwear company in the world he had mentor, his former college running coach Bill Bowerman who had a theory that we are all athletes. Back in the 60's you either were an athlete or businessman or a housewife.... people didn't just go for a run or workout in a gym you were one or another and the idea of "everyday athletes" was one of the founding principles Nike was built on.  

So lets say I have now convinced you that you are in fact an everyday athlete.... how do you maintain, improve or correct your level of fitness, strength and conditioning. 

Its simple TRAIN LIKE AN ATHLETE, athletes lift weights to improve strength, coordination and correct muscle imbalances. They run and do agility training to improve there foot speed, endurance and improve movement patterns.  They do not live in the gym, they don't take selfies #fitme #mindbodyspirit, many of them only go because they know if will improve there game/perforamace and intern there life...... Strength and conditioning bolts onto their existing rigorous schedules so they can perform better when the going gets tough. 

If you want to be healthier, move more freely, feel stronger, have more energy, then train like an athlete.... Bolt on a strength and conditioning program to your already crazy life and see difference it will make

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Dean White
Written by Dean White

Perth, Western Australia

Specialising in mental conditioning, Dean has created a program for athletes to have a strategy for every situation.