Optimum Health and Diamond Fitness: WHY US?

Posted: June 21st, 2018

Optimal Health by definition is an individual’s achievable physical, mental and emotional goals which if achieved will make them feel their best. For us, we focus on the physical goals that enable you to remain able to live, work and play with maximum independence, enjoyment and longevity. 

Diamond Fitness has undergone many changes and progressions over it’s lifespan of 20 years. It’s reflected how as a company we work with our clients, members and subscribers where we seek constant progression. 

Truthfully, the success of our most recent incarnation has come with both progression and regression – times where we have had to strip the process back, keep things simple, re-plan, implement and progress once again with forward momentum. 

Similar to the practise of good health and lifestyle balance, nothing is static……physiology continually changes whether it be from age, environmental factors or simply other areas of life taking over. 

As the architect of the company to date, we’ve been 20 years in the making, 20 years of learning, failing and rebuilding to a point where we definitively know:

  1. Who we are
  2. What we do
  3. How we can best help and be of service

Knowing yourself is half the battle to being successful, and as a company we have survived the ups and downs of fitness and the business of the fitness industry. Success has come through grind, an everyday desire to be of service to others and be a successful and viable company.

So it’s with these values which we have acquired the experience of time and the legacy of history that we launch into our optimal health program. 

Our mission with this program is to be THE identifiable resource to individuals fighting the battle against ailing health. We want to keep you functioning at the best possible levels of health and wellness possible, for as long as possible with the tools, knowledge and support to continue to work with change over time. 

This mission is twofold. It’s not solely about each client getting healthier. It’s the extension of this to the families, the sons, the daughters, partners and grandchildren. It’s the ability to extend your life, make memories with the people you love the most, make memories for yourself and tick some boxes off your bucket list. 

At Diamond Fitness we believe in being limitless in your ability to create and maintain change. We also understand failure is the key learning factor in your ultimate success, but there needs to be a balance between the challenge and the support required to tackle and tame this challenge. 

Diamond Fitness has always orientated itself around creating change. We have worked for a long time between the Athlete and High-Performance space and in Autism / Special need populations. We are immensely proud of our history and continued work specialising in groups with a high level of physiological demand and will continue to progress these groups further and further in the future. 

However, as we mature and have had our own life’s experiences…..the pain of these has lead to a greater desire to be of service to differing populations. To meet the challenges of our two-fold mission we have grown as a business and have developed a focused, educated and dedicated staff. Collectively our team has dealt with immediate family loss and personal health issues. We have lost parents, one to a massive heart attack, the other from a long battle with diabetes leading to chronic kidney disease and eventually cardio pulmonary disease. We’ve had a parent fight and win a battle with stage 4 ovarian cancer and others survive a stroke, DVT and heart disease, lymphoma and breast cancer and mental health issues. 

Personally, we’ve dealt with autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple surgeries -  and one of our warriors………a brain tumor and all that was required to maintain life!

As a team we have been there for each other, as well as for our families. So when I say we survived, I’m not talking solely about surviving the fitness industry (many don’t), being a small business or a GFC. We survived personally, physically, mentally and as a team. We’ve conquered fear and replaced that with hope and results. 

So Optimal Health is the pin drop for this team. We’re not scared, and we know that the 85% of the non-fitness engaged population are. The 85 have the regret of not having done something sooner. The fear of now absolutely needing to do something to survive, the fear of the outcome if they fail………..as well as the fear of how the bloody hell am I going to start something I don’t like, don’t want to do and have actively avoided for most of my adult life. 

We identify percentages of the population engaged in fitness simply as means of identification. There is 15% of the market that have an abundance of fitness, nutrition and lifestyle solutions. Now remember, we as a group are part of that 15% - we are sports minded and activity orientated people. We love getting sweaty, being competitive, and pushing limits. We’ve worked in the 15% of the market provision of cross-fit, Zumba, body building, weight loss, Personal training, Strength training, Spin Class, group fitness – and just about every differing modality of exercise available. 

And to us, this is the point of difference. Through time, experience and event we know that there is no single best means of training. Physiology is ever changing and is individual, so therefore its not what’s best, but best for the person asking the question based on their own physiology. Absolutely in years gone by we would tell you 3 sets of 10 and 400m sprints was the business, or boxing is the best cardio, or HITT training with hypertrophy resistance training the best for positive body composition and so on. And equally, the newest leaver gym equipment, or curvy self-propelled treadmill was the only way to go and you needed to get away on a retreat of some description to maintaining your motivation. We would tell you how to blast through your training plateaus and discuss your macro nutrients, take a selfie and pop your pecs in the mirror!

Indeed all of this is solid information……..and we still do all of this every day as part of the 15% of the population engaged constantly with a natural interest and inclination to accept these actions as part of our everyday life. So we are certainly not criticising the fitness industry, its sub cultures and messaging.  We are merely seeking to engage the 85% who love their food in any portion, choose only macro nutrients which agree with their taste buds, love being horizontal for extended periods, own several onesies, hate sweating, only wake up when the sun is up and consider a booze cruise going to the bottle shop. Truthfully, if this describes you, and you are still not suffering health afflictions, talking corrective medications etc….then the 15% have got you covered. Gym training, cross training, group work, jenny craig, lite and easy and motivational blogs, posts and literature should set you on the correct path quickly.

To us the 85% share all the afore mentioned traits – but have combined this with excess and poor genes. We’re talking excessive poor lifestyle, excessive stress levels, emotional distress and mental health issues, low self esteem etc. Or you come from a family base not engaged in positive balanced lifestyle traits – you’re big and you come from a big family. When these factors combine over time and lead to poor diagnostics of diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, cardiac health issues and day to day negative mental health we consider you to be in the 85%. 

There is a lot less available in this space. 

While services that cater so well to the 15% of engaged fitness folks 100% converts over to the 85% of non engaged unfit folks…….in theory..…..in practice it does not. The statistics don’t lie. Obesity is at the highest level globally than it ever has and this is at a time where the benefits of exercise are widely known as are the lifestyle diseases and subsequent health afflictions and outcomes.

The 85 are as a aware as anyone as to the detrimental effects of lifestyles not conducive to good health. But the changes are just not occurring. We know there are more and more programs being engaged in from pre-kindy all the way through secondary school. We’ve spoken of the abundance of options available in commercial fitness and in general society. 

But we want to help the population who this doesn’t reach. We want the folks who have either battled and wrestled their way to average health and body comp and just feel they are waging a war of futility. We want the folks with an absolute distain for the necessary processes required to stave off an early life departure. And most of ALL, we want the folks who have been told by their doctor, specialists, surgeon that they are officially borrowing time. We want the folks who have to discuss this with their children, their partners their friends. We want the folks acutely aware of their mortality as a result of health contraindications.

We are not scared, we deal with this every day and are confident of providing you with the confidence to start this process, maintain this as your situation requires and continue to work together with you, your doctors and practitioners to redefine your meaning of optimum health and then keep you there!!  

In Part 2 of this blog series on optimal health, we will go into greater detail the ”who “. Here we will elaborate on potential reasons why you’re not engaged in active lifestyle progressions, and detail the health issues we specialise in. We’ll outline the experiences of our clients in our program to date, and continue to delineate the 15/85 ratio and where some services can begin to convert to the 85% immediately. 

Then Part 3 is all about the “how”. This is the pointy end of the spear, and where you will clearly see what is required by you and us, how to design and implement a program, safely and effectively while dealing with the risks of health complications. This will close the loop on why this process is unique, and perhaps why success has not been yours in the past……until now.

We at Diamond Fitness extend our gratitude for taking the time to read our insights.  There’s lots more to come and we look forward to sharing and showcasing this very real and exciting process.

Yours in Good Health

Diamond Fitness. 

Richard Daly
Written by Richard Daly

Perth, Western Australia

Richard Daly specialises in mentoring athletes. He has carved a niche in his industry through integration with his athletes' other coaches, trainers and management, that enhances the ability of an individual to get the best out of themselves and their support group.