Memberships provide access to Diamond Fitness HQ in Osborne Park 7 days a week, a customised training programming and our team of amazing trainers to keep you on track and reach your goals.

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    Full diamond fitness access 7 days a week, customised strength and conditioning programs, DF trainers on hand to assist with spotting and exercise technique. Limited member allocations mean you never have to wait or fight the peak times like regular gyms.

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    A DIAMOND PARTNER is our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP. This is a limited offering with a special release twice a year to making it extremely exclusive. As a DIAMOND PARTNER you will receive the highest level of attention from our trainers. Working with you through each and every session.

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    Work one on one with your favourite trainer to the get the results you have always wanted. Let our legends (Trainers) work their magic to keep provide consistent support along your fitness journey.

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