Blair Ward
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Mobile: 0406 117 353
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Specialist areas of fitness
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscular Toning
  • Enhancing Sports Performance
  • Resistance Training
  • Nutrition Advice & Healthy Eating
  • General Health and Fitness Wellbeing
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A little background about myself

I Rowed for CCGS for 6 years and was the vice captain of boats in 2013, in this final year I was a member of the Winning 2nd VIII crew. I returned to rowing as a coach the following year.

When I was younger I played Tennis, Australian Rules football and Rugby, all of which I competed in at different levels. Due to unexpected circumstances I am no longer able to play contact sports. This is one of the reasons I decided to study personal training.

The main reason however was my passion for fitness and pushing my body to its limits. Through my study I've learnt new methods such as different training style, technique, loading patterns and nutrition. With these newfound skills I set out to encourage others and am hopeful to share what I had learnt. This is how I fell into becoming a personal training. I am now able to lead by example and hope others can be inspired to make a change in their life through fitness.

However on my journey for excellence I was struck with unfortunate roadblock. Toward the end of year 12 I started to get extremely sick. I was rapidly losing my strength and muscle mass. During this time I was experiencing constant lightheadedness, dizziness and had intermittent loss of vision. It was at this point my close friend and mentor Richard Daly insisted that I seek out medical advice as something was not quite right with my body. After a few months of tests and multiple doctors appointments I was diagnosed initially with complete hormone insufficiently and subsequently an extremely rare brain tumor. Due to this I was unable to train or do any form of exercise for the majority of 2014. The medical treatments and lack of exercise lead me to gain 30kilos. Since then I have had to start from scratch with my training.

I am currently rebuilding my strength and cardiovascular fitness. As of June 2015 I have lost 18kgs through rigorous training and a strict nutritional program. My current goals are to continue my pursuit of the body and health I desire.

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