Corban Wroe


  • Bachelor of Health Science, Minor in Psychology - Univ. of Hartford
  • Master of Exercise Science (Strength and Conditioning) - ECU
  • Cert III in Fitness
  • Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority Level 1
  • Currently completing ASCA Level 2 Coaching Accreditation 
“Great things come from hard work and perseverance. No excuses.” Kobe Bryant

My love for sport was created at a young age. Participating in a number of sports including swimming, triathlon, and rugby league. However, basketball became my sport of choice. I went on to represent Queensland and Australia in several junior competitions and in 2009, I received an AIS basketball scholarship. In 2011, I received a scholarship to play Division 1 NCAA basketball for the University of Hartford for four years. Upon graduating, I signed with the Perth Wildcats as a development player in 2015 and would play for 2 seasons; winning 2 NBL Championships. I currently play for the Stirling Senators in the SBL.

My Strength and Conditioning education began at the AIS where I was coached by Jan Legg, one of ASCA’s Senior S&C coaches, as an athlete. She transformed my body and gave me a good foundation for Weightlifting. From here on, I became fascinated by how the body functions and adapts to certain stressors. I completed my Post-grad studies with a strong foundation in areas such as anatomy, periodization, biomechanics, and Weightlifting. However, as the science of S&C continues to evolve, I too am always willing to learn and evolve my training techniques with it.

Exercise and fitness have served as a form of therapy for me and I firmly believe it is one of the best medicines in the world, next to nutrition. I enjoy testing the boundaries of what the mind and body are capable of and love seeing the transformation that can be made through improved strength and fitness.