Calvin Leigton

Position: Internship - Personal Training,  Strength and Conditioning 

Qualifications and Areas of Interest: 

  • Certificate III and IV in fitness
  • Studying the Diploma of Sports Development 
  • Group and team training 
  • Metabolic Resistance Training 
I hated every minute of training, but I said… Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion Muhammad Ali

I didn’t grow up with a fitness heavy lifestyle. I would often opt out of team sports and athletics out of the fear of failure. I grew unhealthy and unskilled. I became ill as I was struck with an auto-immune disorder (Atypical lupus) in my early teens and spent a large portion of my time in and out of hospitals. On my way to recovery I was granted the opportunity to partake in the study of the Certificate of Fitness III with the heads of Diamond Fitness, Rich and Caron Daly. I completed the Certificate and discovered my love of self-improvement and continued to complete my Certificate in Fitness IV in the following year. I am now in the process of completing my Diploma of Sports Development. 

Having engaged with physical improvement through exercise, this extended naturally to learning about healthier mindset which I learned to apply to different areas of my life. 

I let fear control my life, but I have now been focused on self-betterment and hope to apply what I have learned to help those around me, as I have helped myself.