Josh  Kennelly

Area of Speciality

  • Sports Development 
  • Strength And Conditioning
  • Fitness and well being for all ages
  • High Performance 
If your not first, your last Ricky Bobby

As one of five brothers its fair to say I grew up in a competitive environment. That may also explain why four of us ended up being professional athletes....

Sport has been in veins my entire life and love the comradery of team sports.... perhaps my 4 brothers have something to do with that to! 

After representing WA and Australia in Baseball I graduated high school and signed a professional contract with the Cincinnati Reds.  It was a dream come true for me to follow in the foot steps of my brothers Matt and Tim.  Unfortunately my hips were not designed to last the rigorous schedule of professional baseball (140 games in 150 days) and my career was cut short.  

While rehabbing my hips I met Rich Daly and Diamond Fitness and quickly discovered this was the place for me! 

Since then I have not looked back and look forward to helping people overcome their fitness challenges everyday.