Richard Daly

I've been a Fitness trainer and S&C coach since 1999. At the time I was making a living playing cricket and got started by training my team mates and family and friends from within the cricket community.

The irony was that I wasn't a fit guy at all and that was holding my career progress back. I found a trainer who became a mentor to me, educating me as to why I did what I did and inspired me to get better than I was each and every day. This translated across all aspects of my life and set the foundation to become a successful man.

As a reformed unfit guy I opened the door to many others in similar circumstances and the rest is history. I fell in love with training, particularly the empowerment it brings through the achievement of goals, learning and the attainment of self-confidence.

In the past 16 years I've taken this career a long way; owning gyms, managing teams of trainers and working with every professional sport in Australia at a franchise, organisational and personal level.

Diamond Fitness is a legacy that anything can be achieved and that changing lives needs only your desire and our planning. Come and be inspired.

I specialise in:

  • High Performance training models
  • Athletic Mentoring
  • Strength Training
  • Movement patterns and foot speed.
“Nothing is achieved through over thinking or with too much action without thought. Working hard with intelligence and leaving nothing to chance opens the doors to success, lets you walk right in and keep a set of keys always”

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