Do you love sport? 

Are you more motivated by sport than school? 

If your answer is yes to those questions then you are in the right place. 

This program is designed for year 11 and 12 students or high school leavers looking to gain entry into university, to find employment in the sports or to develop their understanding of sport to assist their own playing career. 


The program is based on three key pillars. 

EDUCATION - The Diploma of Sports Development 

HP INSTITUTE - Strength and Conditioning Program 

MENTAL SKILLS - Improve resilience and mental approach 

The Diploma of Sports Development

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Strength and Conditioning Program 

Diamond Fitness is well know for training elite athletes, as part of your enrolment you will receive access to a full strength and conditioning program, customised for you sport and level of experience. 

Mental Skills Program

To have success in sport or in the workforce it is important to have the skills to cope with the pressures of modern day life. Understanding yourself and have the ability to apply advanced coping skills assists in achieving success!

Understanding others is also a key focus of the Mental Skills program, learning to tackle conflict and negotiate from the perspective of others is also a core skill

The combination of these three pillars creates well rounded graduates primed for success.

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